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adding nutrients to improve nutritional value. Quality products, coupled with the ability to  produce consistently throughout the year and timely deliveries make us stand above most of  our competitors. Ourstate of the art grain handling facilities will have a cleaning and drying unit,  providing quality maize to the buyers, in and outside the country. Our collaboration with 15 farm 

ers associations


Maize flour Customers: 

• Large wholesalers (who purchase between 100MT to 200MT annually).  

• Small wholesalers (who purchase between 1MT to 50MT annually).  

• Retailers (who purchase between 1MT to 12MT annually).  

Maize Grain Customers 

• Large Scale Poultry feed producers 

• Export Markets (Especially neighboring countries) 

• Small scale Millers 

Maize BRAN Customers 

• Animal Feed Producers 

• Livestock keepers