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1. The digital database of farmers will be a useful and quite an innovative tool to manage   the farmer and farming activities. The drone technology will ensure timely surveillance   and alert thereon. 

2. On the back of the digital solution, it will be a platform linking our database with the   Mobile Network Operators – MNOs. This will enhance the use of mobile phones in almost   all transactions between us and the farmer. Mobile phones and mobile money thereon   has a deep penetration in Tanzania and hence provision of credit and repayments of   loans will be trough the mobile phones. Also since every farmer will have a unique identi   ty, payment for the sale of harvests will be through the unique mobile number.  

3. Information on weather, input supplies, proper agronomy practices, market prices and   any other information like farming budget will be provided to all registered farmers. This   will mean a signi cant transformation in the model at which farming is carried out at   Kiteto. 

4. The storage facilities will issue an electronic test result of the stock delivered at the ware   house. This will be linked to the database and at any point in time the farmer can access   and check the quantity and quality of the stored grains. The farmer can also apply for a   loan over the mobile phone using his stored grains as collateral.