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Our business model is centered on the twin objective between the company and the smallholder  farmers working with the company. The business model aims at improving the lives ofsmallhold

acquiring high quality maize in bulky supplies from smallholder farmers. MEMA Holdings Ltd is  working with over 1,400 contract farmers, over 1,200 farmers from 15 farmers associations in  Kiteto District and 292 women from 6 women groups in the district.  

ing trainings on best farming practices, getting farm inputs and having an assured and reliable  –

to use MEMA’s storage facilities and women farmers can easily access the maize market without  relying on the male counterparts to secure markets for them.

farmers with no middlemen involved, get maize in bulky supplies, receiving good quality maize  which MEMA supervised in production and easy collection through aggregation centres located  in the villages. MEMA will also charge interest from the credit it provides to the farmers, collect  fees from warehouses, collecting commissions from input suppliers from giving them a large  customer base. The company will also collect commission from mobile operators by using their  platform to disburse funds, pay for crops and collecting loans from farmers.