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To enhance the establishment of sustainable maize value chain at Kiteto area by installing  quality and modernized storage facilities (SILO) that is aimed at transforming subsistence  farming into commercial farming as a means of improving livelihoods through increased  


1. Provision of reliable storage facilities (SILO) for grains (maize, sorghum, peas) of up to  70,000MT. The storage will include state of the art cleaning and drying facilities and  thus enhance the quality of the stored grains and facilitates the fetching of big markets  locally and internationally 

2. Provision of ready market for smallholder farmers’ harvest. The storage facilities will be  located at the primary producing area (Kibaya, Kiteto) and hence farmers will have easy  access to the facility and hence do away with middlemen  

3. Reducing post-harvest losses from the current 15-20% to below 5% and hence  enhancing productivity and earnings to the farmer.  

4. Linking the smallholder farmer to the Commodities Exchange by playing a key role of  a centralized and a registered warehouse operator. Farmers who could not directly  

to through the storage facilities at Kiteto.  

5. provision to farmers during input provisions and the warehouse receipt after harvest    

6. Employ and involve more women who remained sidelined in the mainstream farming  activities at Kiteto despite their deep involvement